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Abstract (English):
Over its 300-year history, the Kuzbass Region has become one of the strongest industrial and coal mining areas. However, new environmental requirements stipulated by the Paris Agreement and the EU Energy Strategy require a new diversified and innovative economy, i.e. comfortable conditions for people to live and do business. The Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of Kuzbass through 2035 was approved by Regional Law No. 163‑OS on December 23, 2020. The Strategy covers human capital, ecology, reclamation water resources, digitalization, economy, investment, tourism, exhibitions, etc. All these aspects are highlighted in the monographs of the Strategy of the Kuzbass Region. The publications prove that a long-term strategy should combine traditional and novel competitive advantages of the region, which include hydrogen cluster, transport infrastructure, digitalization of business and other spheres, better environmental conditions, forest and land reclamation, sustainable use of water resources, as well as the importance of rebranding the region on the domestic and international arena.

regional development strategy, regional strategizing, competitive advantages, innovations, digitalization, hydrogen energy, ecology, water resources
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